Friday, June 23, 2017

North Korean Regime Murders Tourist For Swiping Propaganda Poster

Last year the totalitarian cult regime of North Korea once again showed its extreme hostility to people foolish enough to visit the demented nation. American tourist Otto Warmbier was arrested for trying to take a propaganda poster as a souvenir. Convicted of "subversion," he received a sentence of 15 years of hard labor. (U.S. court typically mete out much longer sentences for "seditious conspiracy.")

But Otto didn't have to serve his sentence. A few weeks ago the North Koreans dumped him off on the U.S. in a coma, which they absurdly claimed was caused by botulism and a medication. (American doctors found no evidence of botulism.) Otto's brain was missing large amounts of tissue in all areas.

Otto just died. He was 22.

I don't understand why people keep going to North Korea. This is a pattern of theirs, seizing foreigners and using them as bargaining chips, or just taking out their political psychosis on them. In addition to frequent arrests, there was the murder of a South Korean woman tourist by a North Korean border guard a few years ago.

Actually the North Koreans aren't way off base to assume that American visitors are spies. Why else would anyone in their right mind want to go there? Other than that freak Dennis Rodman, Americans have not been welcome there. (If the CIA or other U.S. "intelligence agencies" sent spies, they'd probably not send their own personnel. Too risky. They'd get some journalist or whoever to report back to them. But no spy would be able to access much in the way of secrets there.)

I suspect the North Koreans savagely beat Otto, then waited for the external wounds to heal before shipping his comatose body back to his family. Nice. Or maybe a bad reaction to an experimental brainwashing drug? Whatever, true to form, the North Koreans refuse to explain but do their usual thing of shoving preposterous lies in the world's face that insult our intelligence. This soon after the cult dictator Kim Jong-un ordered the murder of his half brother in a Malaysian airport, which they followed up with more absurd lies and bellicose demands aimed at Malaysia for daring to do a proper investigation and arresting the perpetrators.

Someday, someone's gonna have to take care of these bastards.

Otto Warmbier in the grip of North Korean goons.

 Otto had good reason for feeling bad. But it would turn out much worse for him than he knew...

 So long, Otto.

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